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.LAW is a highly regulated Top Level Domain (TLD) that we are preparing for release in the near future. We hope you will check back with us, but for now you may wish to review the summary below of requirements governing this authoritative TLD.   

The .LAW TLD aims to promote trust in the professional legal community by creating exclusive online spaces in which Qualified Lawyers and Authorized Legal Institutions (i.e., law firms, law schools), Legal Regulators (ie. bar associations and courts of law) can present themselves in a distinctive and memorable manner.

The .LAW TLD will offer domain names only to those verified applicants who satisfy the Eligibility Criteria as set out in the .LAW Eligibility Policy. The strict Eligibility Criteria are applied through a verification process that enhances the integrity of this TLD. As the .LAW TLD is open to registrations from anywhere in the world, what constitutes a Qualified Lawyer or Authorized Legal Institution may vary between jurisdictions. For this reason, the Registry for .LAW reserves the right to ask, including through its verification agent, for any further proof of eligibility it considers appropriate and to exercise its complete discretion in the verification of registrants to ensure that the spirit of the Eligibility Criteria is met.


Summary of Qualification For

 Registering .LAW Domains*

*Note: This summary is for information purposes only, and does not substitute for the full agreement whose terms and conditions you will need to read and confirm when ordering.

In the case of .LAW registration, the following conditions apply:

Registrant Validation, Data, and Restriction. Registration in the .LAW TLD is restricted to accredited lawyers as validated by an agent, which shall be appointed from time to time by the Registry (Validation Agent). Registrar may be required to capture additional data as necessary to facilitate validation (Validation Data).

Validation Data must be provided as requested from time to time by the Registry. 

Registrant must certify (prior to check out or collection of any registration fees), that Registrant is qualified to register the domain and that all provided information is true and accurate.

Registrant acknowledges that providing false information may lead to the deletion of their registration on all Registry TLDs including, but not limited to, .LAW.

Failure to maintain accreditation may result in cancellation of registration; no refunds will be granted outside the add grace or renewal grace periods.

Validation may occur for each registration year. Registry may periodically re-verify accreditation. Disputes regarding validation will be handled by the Registry and Registrar agrees to submit such disputes immediately to the Registry for determination.

The applicant must provide the following Qualified Lawyer information:

A) The full name of the applicant, as recorded with their regulator.

B) The official name of the accreditation body (e.g., The State Bar of California); The accreditation body is the entity that issued the accreditation ID to the qualified lawyer. 

C) The accreditation year; A qualified lawyers accreditation year is the year he/she was initially certified by the accreditation body. It is represented by a four-digit year.

D) The applicant's accreditation ID number; The qualified lawyers accreditation ID is a character string issued by the accreditation body to the qualified lawyer. Accreditation IDs uniquely identify the qualified lawyer within the context of the accreditation body.

E) The accreditation jurisdiction: country and state, province, or district, as applicable. The accreditation jurisdiction country is the country in which the accreditation body certifies the qualified lawyer. The accreditation jurisdiction country is required.

The accreditation jurisdiction state/province is the specific region, within the accreditation jurisdiction country, in which the accreditation body certifies the qualified lawyer. The accreditation jurisdiction is required when the accrediting body limits the qualified lawyers certification to this area.



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